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- First Choice Protection will provide a cost-effective security guard service while being the most efficient in safety, preparation and protection. With the assistance of the active and retired law enforcement security personnel, First Choice Protection can offer unlimited experience in problem solving techniques.

- First Choice Protection is a New York State licensed Watch, Guard, Patrol security guard company, bonded and fully insured as required by the Department of State regulations. Please be mindful that many individuals claim to be a security guard company however are not licensed by the State of New York as a Watch, Guard, and Patrol company. This license is required to hire the appropriate employees that meet the standards of the Department of State. 

- First Choice Protection takes pride in an ongoing training practice for the security personnel, prior to and after completion of each shift. The Executive Officers of First Choice Protection follow the "hands on" team approach and will assist all security guard employees with their assigned responsibilities.

- First Choice Protection can provide 24-hour coverage for any company or location. In the event of additional coverage being needed or for an emergency situation, the Corporate Officers will provide additional support with-in 30 minutes of the first contact. Each Corporate Officer will be available to speak with any employee of your company to ensure that the security personnel is providing the appropriate security service required.


Dan Deloach, President

- Started his professional security career in 1991 with the South Shore Mall. He then became a supervisor of security and loss prevention with JC Penny.

- He decided to advance his security experience and became a security supervisor with the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. While maintaining this position he was working with some of Long Island's biggest venues, local taverns, and nightclubs.

- In 2009, he started a smaller security firm on Long Island and was able to share his experience with his security guard team. In 2011 he became co-owner of a security company  and had over 17 active accounts, and leading several executive protection contracts. He employed and supervised over 60 security guards.

- As part of his plan to extend his supervisory experience, he decided to expand the company and built the foundation that now is First Choice Protection, security guard company.

Glenn Chery, Secretary/ Vice President

- Started his professional security career in 2000, with some of New York City's premier taverns. He was able to gain recognition with one of New York City's top security firm and was responsible for working major venues with 40/40, Strata, and Providence nightclubs.

- He has worked with the West Babylon School district as a security guard. There he was responsible for the safety and security of all staff, guests, and the entire student body. He then decided that he wanted to share this experience by owning his own security company.

- In 2011 he became co-owner of a security company. He had over 17 active accounts, leading executive protection contracts and supervising over 60 security guards. 

- As part of his plan to extend his supervisory experience, he decided to expand the security company to become First Choice Protection.

Thomas Figueroa, Vice President

- Started his professional security career in 1999, with an adolescent rehabilitation program and established himself as a veteran in the field of protection.

- He is currently employed with the State of New York Unified Court System, since July 2008. His primary responsibilities are to assess the needs of and monitor the progress with problematic cases that come before the Court.

- He has provided security guard services and special event protection for; Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, Direct TV in cooperation with the National Football League, the Tony Awards Ceremony, New Yorker Magazine political function in cooperation with the US Secret Service, celebrities in the music, film, and television industry, Walt Disney Pictures, Universal Pictures, Ziegfield Theater, Motown Broadway, Samsung, Hugo Boss, Oheka Castle, Hineni Synagogue, Cory Creek Vineyard, Bedell Cellars Vineyard, and the Harlem Food Festival.


Business Security

First Choice Protection can provide security personnel to assist with your company's daily operation. Allowing all employees to work in a safe and friendly atmosphere, while ensuring no outside influence can do harm to the establishment. Assigned security personnel will screen all visitors, log in guests, direct individuals to there assigned or desired location, and monitor all activities on the premises.

Residential and Commercial Property Security

First Choice Protection can monitor and protect residential communities in addition to commercial properties that may be occupied, vacant, or under construction. With the use of patrol vehicles and 24 hour communication with security management, security personnel are able to address any issue that comes before them in a diplomatic and timely matter.

Venue and Event Security

First Choice Protection has the specialized experience in planning and delivering the much needed security for all venues. We work closely with event organizers to create a comprehensive security plan. The Corporate Officers of First Choice Protection have spent most of their career working with and training security personnel for major venues in New York City and Long Island.

Executive Protection

First Choice Protection offers close personal protection to ensure the safety of individuals who may be exposed to elevated risk because of their employment, celebrity status, wealth, associations or geographical location. Transportation will be provided upon request.


Business Formal

Each member of First Choice Protection will be dressed in a suit jacket, suit slacks, white dress collar shirt, tie, and dress shoes. A security identification badge will be provided to the security personnel. 

Business Casual

Each member of First Choice Protection will be dressed in a blazer jacket, tan khaki slacks, white collar button shirt, and dress shoes. A security identification badge will be provided to the security personnel. 


Each member of First Choice Protection will be dressed in a security guard uniform that will clearly identify them as security staff.



- First Choice Protection management meets with each security guard, prior to any work assignment, to discuss all the responsibilities and requirements that will be asked of them. At the end of each work assignment, the security personnel will report to the security management and review the details of the work shift.

- The Corporate Officers of First Choice Protection are available 24 hours of any day to assist with any issue that needs to be addressed immediately. 


- First Choice Protection Vice President Glenn Chery is a certified Instructor who can train security guard personnel to deal with active shooter and terrorist bombing responses. Each security guard employed with First Choice Protection will be trained to address these incidents if they should occur.

- Each security guard employee with First Choice Protection must participate in an 8-hour training course, every year. This will ensure that each security guard is familiar with the new laws and threats in the security field. 


- First Choice Protection offers equal opportunity employment. Under Federal Law no individual can be discriminated against based on their race, national origin, gender, pregnancy, age, disability, sexual preference, marital status or religious choice. 

- All applicants must have an active New York security guard license and be in good standing with the New York State regulations for security guards.

- All applicants must conduct themselves as professionals, willing to participate in ongoing training, work well with customers, and follow the security protocol as explained in the security guard job description. 

- Please send an email giving a description of your work experience and contact information.


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